How to choose casino

Being an owner of an online casino is definitely a good position to be in. There is much money to be made if one does it the right way. Unfortunately not everyone operate their business as they should and this is why many of them dissapear every week and new ones are launched instead. There are over 1000 of online casinos to choose from at this very moment. Picking the right one is by no means an easy task. You have to take into account all the variables to be sure that the money you deposit is in safe hands and that your winnings will be paid out fully.

The first things to consider when choosing an online casino is pretty basic. You should find out if it accepts players from the country you live in. Next comes the operators reputation. You should find out if there are a lot of complaints about the site or not. You can also make your pick by the sites language, design, availabilty of customer support and so on. Try casino online Malaysia.

We have made a huge list of online casinos to choose from. You can find the best online casino for you by using our simple yet very useful filtering system. Overall before you start playing, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does the casino accept players from the country you live in?
The first thing to make sure is to be 100% confident that the casino accepts players from the ocuntry you live. There are a lot of countries that do not allow some or all online casinos to operate in their territory. This might not apply to all the casinos out there and some of the governments might not have the power to restrict gambling establishments from gambling legislative havens like Curaçao for example. Still the more respectable online casinos have a tendecy not to accept players from these countries.

If you are a resident of a country that limits certain online casinos or all of them to operate inside their borders then a casino might let you register and pay but when it comes to cashing out you might be in trouble. Why? Because they might ask you proof of residence from another country and if you don`t have it you are in trouble. TIP: The smart thing to do is to ask the customer support of a cerain online casino whether or not the accept players from the country you are a resident of. Ask them if they allow you to deposit, play and win and cash out your winnings. If the answer is positive you can take a screenshot of it and star playing with your mind at peace.

2. What`s the reputation?
It is not so easy to know if an online casino is trustworthy or not before you win big and need to cash it out. That is exactly the event that determines the operators true picture. In fact there a lot of events where online casinos have scammed their players. It is nothing unheard of.

The standard practices of cheating are as follows:

Casino is not willing to pay out winnings that are 100% legitimate
Their excuse for this might be as follows: “It was a software tweak and it shouldn`t have happened. We can compensate 10% of your winnings”.
They tell you to play through a certain amount of your winnings before you can cash out
The casino has installed rediculous withdrawal limits that prevent you cashing out in years
They stall your withdrawals for weeks or months
Casino uses any other way they could think of
A casino is offering games that have been tweaked and have a smaller theoretical return to player than advertised
The casino points to a bonuse abuse condition and is not willing to pay out your winnings
That is why you should choose a casino with good reputations. To make it easy for you, we regullary check the reputation of all our casinos listed in and update them if necessary. If we have detected a scam, this casino will be deleted from our site. TIP: A casino with no complaints does not certainly mean it is honest. It takes some time for a new casino to scam a person because a big win might not happen very quickly. The same applies for old respectable casinos. All of them might have a complaint or two although they are actually 100% honest and abide the ethical principles.

3. What licence does it have?
All the online casinos available have some kind of a licence. In other words they are regulated by one of the countries governments of the world. In order for it to operate in a certain area, the country must allow online gambling. Licences can be handed out by a country or by a jurisdiction. The country (UK, Estonia, Belgium) does it in order to collect taxes from its citizens who gamble and a jurisdiction (Gibraltar, Malta, Curaçao) simply makes it possible for a casino to operate globally.

If you are being abused by a casino who is not willing to pay out your winnings then the only thing to do is to turn to the regulator who was the initianl issuer of the licence. This is the part when the importance of the country/jurisdiction that granted the licence comes to play. A respectable regulator will usually hear out boths parts and if the player was right the force the operator to him out. It can even end up with the casino losing it licence.

There are some regulators who don`t even have a contact address or form for you to be able to contact them. For example Panama, Anjouan, Costa Rica, and Seychelles are good examples of a untrustworthy regulator. If this is the case with your casino who is not willing to pay you out then you have basically lost the fight.

You might have a fighting chance of justice with casinos regulated by Curaçao or Gibraltar but it is never 100% guaranteed.

When it comes to casinos with a licence from Malta, Isle of Man or Alderney you are in a pretty good position because these regulators stand by their words and in case you are right they will get your money to you.